30+ years in use.
400+ units sold.
12,000 measurements per second.
1 solution for threads.

Precision & efficiency
every time.

Combining sub-micron level measurements with ease of use.

Accurate and Compliant

Be accreditation ready quickly and easily with our technology designed to prevent human error.

Time and Resource Efficient

Pre-loaded with tens of thousands of different thread needs. Fast calculations of parameters. Real-time graphical visualization.

COST Effective

An investment that pays off not only in cutting down on expensive errors but also in long term workforce needs.. With training, entry level employees can operate the machine.

Get ahead of the changing workforce and harness the power of technology that's already transformed the industry abroad.

IAC Masterscanners have been used for almost 25 years around the world and are now available in the United States exclusively through us.

The Masterscanner gives competitive advantages in the measurement and manufacturing of superior threaded products.

Utilized for a wide range of standard or tapered thread gage plugs, thread ring gages, plain rings and plugs.
Many thread gage makers also apply the scanner for production control.
MasterScanner USA is the exclusive distributor in the US for IAc. We are also an affiliate of Micro Laboratories, an ISO 17025 accredited laboratory. With these partnerships, MasterScanner USA provides extensive domestic service and support of these machines nationwide.

The MasterScanner is utilized in ISO 17025 Accredited Laboratories around the world.

"The MasterScanner has been a great addition to our laboratory. It has increased our work load capacity for thread gages, and at the same time decreased our turn-around time."

-David Gall, AA Calibration

Being able to produce actual, numerical, measurement results from contact scanning the physical thread profile has been extremely valuable. So much easier than juggling thread wires using the 3 wire method to obtain only a simulated or simple pitch diameter. So much more scientific than basing calibration on the “feel” of a thread set plug to calibrate a thread ring gage.”

-Travis Fletcher, JJ Calibrations

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