The Current Standard for Thread Gage Callibration

Our Thread Calibration Instruments

MSXP SeriesSeries XP from thread sizes for Watchmakers until mid size diameters 60, 100 or 160 mm

XPL SeriesSeries XPL from thread sizes for Watchmakers until large size diameters 400, 500 or 600 mm

XPL-C SeriesSeries XPL-C for thread sizes 1.0 mm to large size diameters 200 or 300 mm.


The main function of the machine is to check threaded gages and parts. On average, checking a standard thread gage takes about 2-4 minutes, depending on the size and the pitch.

Custom Part

Comes preloaded with both a .dxf converter and CAD software. The .dxf converter will allow the scan that the MasterScanner takes to be opened in the CAD software. The use of the CAD software allows any custom parts that the MasterScanner does not automatically generate measurement results to be obtained through the software.

Automatically Generated Certificate

After scanning a gage or part, the MasterScanner will automatically generate a certificate with more information than ever before available. If the gage being scanned is built into the standards database, either through the 80 standards that are included with the MasterScanner, or created by the customer, the cert will take the tolerances into account when generating the certificate. Check out an example certification HERE.