Below you will find videos walking you through the basic operation of the MasterScanner along with some demonstrations of the capabilities of the MasterScanner


XP-10060 Overview

This video is a general overview of the capabilities of the MasterScanner.  The model shown is

XP10060, which is available for demos at our facility near Cleveland, OH.


Basic Overview

Another general overview of the MasterScanner’s capabilities


Click On Changeover Time

This is a demonstration of how quickly you can change over from calibrating a plain ring gage to a thread set plug gage. The first two minutes are a general explanation of the Click Ons and supports.


Real Time Mastering and Calibration

This was a common request.  This video demonstrates the time it takes to go from the initial mastering to the calibration of a thread plug.  Most of this video is just for demonstration purposes, as the time it takes to complete each process is shown in the video.  The MasterScanner only requires the first two shown steps either once a day or at a remaster.  Then gages in that size range can be done back to back.


MasterScanner XPL-200-C Demonstration

This video shows the capabilities of the XPL series of the MasterScanner.  This video was taken at IAC, the MasterScanner manufacturer, in The Netherlands.  In either October or November of 2017, an XPL-300 will be at our facility near Cleveland, OH.  This will be available for demos moving forward.


MasterScanner XPL-300-C

The MasterScanner XPL-300-C is now available for demo at our facility in Mentor, OH.  This is specifically the XPL-300-275-C with all of the options.  In the video, you can see the automatic temperature compensation and anti-vibration options highlighted.  For existing MasterScanner customers: There were two mistakes during shooting that carried through to the final video.  Let me know if you can spot them!

Do you have additional questions about the MasterScanner that you would like to see answered in video format? Contact us!